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Campground rules 

  • Check-In --- 3:00pm for all reserved sites, as early as 1:00pm if available without charge, additional fees if earlier.

  • Check-Out --- 11:00AM for all reserved sites.  Late check-out may be arranged at time of check-in for additional fee.

  • Guest Courtesy --- All guests are expected to be courteous to other park guests.  Guests that act or dress inappropriately and/or are inconsiderate towards other guests or park staff will immediately be required to leave the park.  Loud or objectionable music and the use of profanity is prohibited. The discharge of firearms, fireworks, use of generators, chain saws or other loud machinery/equipment is prohibited. Fireworks can be set off on the 4th of July in designated areas only.

  • Quiet Hours --- Quiet hours are 10pm to 7am.  All music must be turned off at 10pm.  Playground closes at 10pm.

  • Pets --- Pets must always be on a leash.  Guests are responsible for the actions of their pets and are required to pick-up after their pets. See below for detailed pet policy.

  • Speed Limit --- The park speed limit is 20mph. Be aware of children on bikes and deer in the park. Drivers of all vehicles, including golf carts and UTVs, are required to be licensed. 

  • Vehicles/Registration --- Every vehicle must register before entering the Park and is always required to display a car tag.  All registered guests staying overnight in the park will have 24/7 access to the park.   Granting access to unregistered guests will result in your removal from the park. All vehicles in the park must have a steering wheel.  3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, minibikes, dirt bikes or go-carts are not allowed to be driven inside the park.  All vehicles must be driven by licensed driver.                                                      

  • Trash --- Trash cans are strategically placed around the park, as well as dumpsters. Please leave your site the way you found it and help keep the park clean and neat by bagging your trash and not leaving trash on the ground. Our maintenance team will gladly pickup bagged trash set out at your site. 

  • Swimming Area --- Food, drinks, and glass containers are not allowed in the swimming area. Fishing is not allowed in or around the swimming area. No lifeguard on duty. All swimmers assume their own risk. All children are required to be accompanied by an adult with able swimming capability.

  • Campfires --- The Park allows campfires; however, no trees may be cut down. During Burn Bans and High Wind Warnings, campfires will be restricted. All campfires must be extinguished and stirred before retiring for the evening and/or leaving the Park.  Campfires cannot be left unattended.

  • Age Restrictions --- Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed for overnight camping unless accompanied by a parent.  All children must be supervised by an adult (someone 18 years of age or older).

  • Wastewater --- All RV sites have a sewer connection. Any wastewater (gray or black) needs to be disposed of into the sewer connection at the RV site.

  • Tent Camping --- Tent Camping is allowed in designated areas only (those that are red and purple tents on our map). Tents are not allowed in the Cabin area or on any RV site.

  • Washing of Vehicles --- The washing of vehicles is not permitted in the park.  

Detailed Pet Policy

Wind Point Park welcomes your pet(s). A fee of $35 per night for pets will be assessed on cabin rentals. Maximum pets allowed is 2. This is applicable to all cabins. See cabin pet policy here


The type of pet(s) are limited to domestic animals only, such as a dog or a cat. Guests must also comply with local laws and ordinances, including those related to animals that are considered vicious or have a reputation for being dangerous.




  • Pet(s) shall remain within your control at all times, either on a leash or in a carrier. Pets may remain alone in the cabins as long as the pet is crated. However, if your pet is disturbing other guests/staff or causing damage, then it cannot be left alone and must remain in your control.

  • Pets cannot be left outside overnight.

  • Cat owners shall provide a litter box for their pet.

  • Guest is responsible for cleaning up after their pets inside cabins and outside. Failure to comply will result in loss of your security deposit.

  • Wind Point Park shall be entitled to reimbursement if damages are incurred or if excessive cleaning is necessary as result of a pet. Costs incurred will be withheld from your security deposit. Costs incurred above the amount of the security deposit will be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation.

  • Wind Point Park may, in its sole discretion, require any guest with a pet to find other accommodations immediately if it deems the pet(s) to be dangerous, harmful or disruptive to staff, property, or other Wind Point Park guests. Wind Point Park further reserves the right to call animal control to have the pet removed if the pet is not being controlled by the owner.

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