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Total Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse 4/8/24

Total Eclipse 4/8/24

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We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who made the Total Solar Eclipse events at Wind Point on April 7th and 8th a massive success and a day we will never forget!! A longer video of the day, captured by film maker 

Jacinto Astiazarán, may also be found here

2024 Solar Eclipse Volunteers 

Gary Scott, RAC, TAS, BAS; Dina Wolff; Doug Lively, RAC, SSA/JPL; Mike Keefe, RAC, SSA/JPL; Bob VanGundy, Glacier National Park Ranger, SSA/JPL; Aaron Henderson, RAC; Liz Zhao; Anita Luo; Eric Ziang; Royd Ludwig, TAS; David Meade, TAS; Hugo Ascencio; Richard Hilton; Danny Townsend, 3RF; Reuben Chen, TAS; Chris Hildreth; Kathie, Big Sky Astronomy Club, Kalispell MT; Dave Kilner; Devanie Fergus; Jacinto Astiazarán

RAC - Raleigh Astronomy Club, Raleigh NC

TAS - Texas Astronomy Club, Dallas TX

3RF - Three Rivers Foundation, Crowell, TX

BAS - Brevard Astronomy Club, Titusville, Fl

Wind Point Park Staff

Lonny Smith, Savanna Smith, Lisa Glasscock, Steve Glasscock, Julia Lindsey, Jessie Lindsey, Jo Rita Adams, Terry Adams, Ron Breads, Cindy Breads, Mattie Fuller, Stan McVaugh, Jean McVaugh, Gabrielle Wilcox, Wayne Yates, James Regan, Mel Garvin, Sherry Garvin, Mark Petzel, Charlie Petzel, Jimmy McFarlin, Helen Mathews, Barry Mathews

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